Social Media Marketing

9 Effective Social Marketing Tips

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and it’s FREE! Using social networks to promote your business or brand is not only advantageous, but necessary to compete and build a strong internet presence. Marketing your business across a variety of social networks is a strategy that most people are aware of and have accepted. This is why nearly every person or business with an online presence can be found on one or more social networks. Unfortunately many people, especially those new to marketing through social media, struggle to create an effective social presence. Hopefully you are not one of the many people in this predicament, but if your social media efforts need a boost keep these tips in mind. #1: Your Voice Remember who [...]

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Top Social Media Networks For Marketers

Much like the universe, the world of social networking is vast and ever expanding. There are simply too many networks available to be able to manage a successful marketing campaign on all of them. Every marketer should ask themselves, “Which networks do I need to focus on to reach the most people and have the greatest impact?” This is an important question to ask because creating a successful social presence is a huge time commitment. The last thing you want is to waste hours behind a keyboard every week building a profile no one cares about. Most marketers invest at least five hours a week in social media efforts. I’m going to share the top networks marketers were focused on this past year based on a [...]

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