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How & When Spotify Updates Play Counts

Ever wonder how and when Spotify updates play counts on tracks? Our new Spotify clients certainly do. One of the services we provide are royalty eligible Spotify plays, so we are asked frequently how the play counter works and when new plays will show up on Spotify. As you may know Spotify does not update the number of times a song has been played in real time. In fact the whole process is a bit obscure and not very well documented to begin with. On top of that there’s a ton of conflicting and inaccurate information available regarding when play counters get updated. Most of this misinformation can be found on the Spotify community forums, which is a bit ironic considering Spotify’s technical support actually refers [...]

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How To Optimize YouTube Videos To Rank – Video Descriptions

This is the first segment of our How To Optimize YouTube Videos To Rank series. I thought we would start with the video description because so many people leave this section blank. From an SEO perspective not providing a detailed video description is a huge mistake, especially if you are trying to get your video to rank for a specific keyword. For anyone who is new to SEO (search engine optimization), keep in mind that YouTube is a search engine. Every time a word or phrase is entered into search, YouTube returns what it believes to be the most relevant videos to the specified term based on a number of metrics. We refer to these words or phrases as keywords. Quick Note About Video Titles [...]

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How To Grow A YouTube Channel – Gamer Edition #1

If you’re a gamer who live streams, chances are you have a YouTube channel as well. If you don’t, I suggest setting up a YouTube channel as soon as possible (preferably after you’ve had a chance to finish reading this article) because there’s really no better way to grow your audience and build a brand than by publishing gameplay videos. Especially when you can easily create highlight videos from past Twitch broadcasts. Now most of you with channels already may be thinking, “Duh, thanks for telling me something I already know…”. Be that as it may, why do so many people with highlight & gameplay videos fail to create successful channels with a large following? After all, YouTube has over a BILLION users, how [...]

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